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The Coalition to Diversify Computing (CDC) is a joint organization of the ACM and CRA. Major progress in computing technologies over the last decade has been accompanied by vast improvements in computing middleware, hardware and networking. An unexpected consequence of these advancements has been a shortage of a highly trained workforce of scientists and engineers capable of understanding and implementing the resources. CDC seeks to address the shortfall through the development of a diverse community of professionals that can effectively meet the computing demands of an evolving society. CDC projects target students and faculty with the expressed intent of increasing the number of minorities successfully transitioning into computing-based careers in academia, federal laboratories and industry. Additional projects seek to increase the available pool of faculty members through partnerships and mentoring. Current emphasis is placed on the following three areas:

Recruitment of minority undergraduates to MS/PhD programs

Retention of minority graduate students enrolled in MS/PhD programs

Transition of minority MS/PhD graduates into academia, industry, and government careers